Ongoing collaboration among industry experts continues to provide competitive advantage through leading-edge knowledge of new and emerging technologies and processes.

July 17, 2013 – In June, Universal Instruments’ Advanced Process Lab (APL) held its second Advanced Research in Electronics Assembly (AREA) Consortium meeting of 2013. The consortium is composed of 28 leading companies in the electronics industry and continues to expand.

“We continue to add members who are providing their unique perspectives on the most current industry topics, such as miniaturization and high-temperature manufacturing,” noted Martin Anselm, PhD, Manager of the AREA Consortium. He added, “This strengthens the value of the consortium and the advantages it provides.”

The two-day meeting featured more than 55 attendees from member companies, including Alcatel-Lucent, Autoliv, BTU, Celestica, Certi, DEK USA, Dell, Ericsson, Harris, IBM, Indium, Koh Young, LMCo, Motorola Solutions, Nihon-Superior, OK International, Qualcomm, and Rockwell Automation. Also in attendance were representatives from Lacroix Electronics, Laser Job, Yankeetronics, and North Star Imaging, who delivered a presentation on 4D X-ray tomography. In addition, guest speakers from OK International and Binghamton University presented on a variety of topics.

Meeting subject matter included a wide range of current and visionary topics related to materials, advanced process development, and reliability.

“The consortium research results and recommendations have been very valuable in supporting Dell’s reliability engineering practices,” stated Thomas Homorodi, Director, Reliability Engineering, of consortium member Dell. “We’ve been able to leverage the consortium research to help optimize our product development, assembly, and test processes, resulting in what we believe is the best possible experience for our Enterprise customers,” he added.

To learn more about the AREA Consortium, including how to become a member, please contact AREA Consortium Manager Martin Anselm at 607-779-5077 or, or AREA Consortium Associate Director Denis Barbini at 603-828-2289 or To find out how Universal’s Advanced Process Laboratory can help your organization, contact APL Director David Vicari at 607-779-5151 or