New platform lineup maximizes OEE and delivers exceptional productivity in all manufacturing environments.

June 17, 2013 – Building on the recent, successful introduction of its FuzionXC™ Platform, Universal Instruments’ comprehensive Fuzion™ solutions portfolio addresses the diverse requirements of the company’s global customer base. With an expansive complement of configurations and capabilities, this new product family optimizes utilization, performance, quality, and yield for any product volume or mix.

For electronics manufacturers who demand a flexible production model without limitations, Fuzion leverages a true platform concept to efficiently build any product at the lowest cost and easily transition to the next product. Fuzion enables manufacturers to accommodate the most diverse revenue stream and produce a full range of products in a lean environment.

Fuzion features single-, dual-, quad-beam, and XC (extra capacity) variants that take advantage of Universal’s new ion™ feeders and Fuzion software tools to create line and factory solutions that are perfectly suited to any production model.

Fuzion solutions excel in high-volume environments by minimizing replenishment requirements to facilitate sustained productivity and continuous production flow. Additionally, Fuzion high-volume solutions boast the lowest cost per placement and superior yields, with the flexibility to meet new market challenges throughout the product lifecycle. In higher-mix environments, Fuzion maximizes agility by reducing or eliminating setups to streamline changeovers and accelerating new product introductions with a seamless transition to volume production.

“Our FuzionXC Platform was very well-received by the market and provided our higher-mix customers substantial advantages for their specific requirements,” noted Universal Instruments Vice President of Marketing, Glenn Farris. “The complete Fuzion solutions portfolio delivers that same level of operational excellence, cost savings, and increased productivity to high- and medium-volume manufacturers.” Farris added, “This versatility has been embraced by a broad base of industry leaders who have adopted the Fuzion solution across a full spectrum of production environments.”